Identity Resolution Decrypting your Website visitors Our artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques allow us to make sense of massive amounts of data so that we can understand where your advertising needs to be targeted. For Your Marketing Efforts

Identifying Website Visitors

Do you already have traffic to your website? Do you want to know more about the people who are on your site on a weekly basis? Would you like to have Full Access to their information to be able to reach out to these potential clients in a personalized way ?

When we are able to execute site visitor profile match back your website visitor with the information in our consumer database, we can turn an anonymous prospect into a qualified marketing lead. By providing that person’s name, email, phone and address.

Now picture you being able to utilize this data in infinite ways, from growing your email list, sending special offers in the mail, or even dropping them a voicemail.

What would it mean to potential buyers if you could give them the push they need to see the value in your product by running a campaign targeting their specific interests ?

Are you using the data your website could give you ?

When you use our Pixel on your website, you can analyze your traffic and match back the identity of your visitors. You’ll also learn their behaviors pre- and post-click, and use that data and AI to create your custom targeting algorithm. This will give YOU the edge to dominate your market in less time.

During the customer journey, many personal data can be associated with one person; email addresses, phone numbers, and an ever-changing array of cookie data, to name a few. These identifiers are tagged with a customer’s existing data, inside the identity graph.

The Big Four
Emails per Visitor
Million Websites Tracked
site visitor profile match

Machine Learning Technology

for Site Visitor Profile Match

What is it?

The ability to understand the behaviors, interests, and intents of your customers is a crucial step to achieving an effective people-based marketing strategy. By recognizing actions from a person both offline and online over several channels, you can begin to build a complete picture of that person and their engagements with your website.

Why is it such a big deal ?

Because complete customer profiles allow you to create extraordinarily personalized and tailored messaging to your customers. Marketing automation, content personalization, and remarketing can all be utilized more effectively with our site visitor profile match.

Rubik Cube

Identity Resolution is like a Rubik Cube; where you have all the colors representing multiple customer entries. You must harmonize the colors to their respective sides to create a comprehensive profile of your customer. It enables a better customer experience.

Identity Mapping

With the rise of artificial intelligence and marketing automation, identity mapping is emerging as a necessary marketing topic. Recognizing customers across devices and stitching that information together into a single view is extremely useful.
Finally! A service that can give you the complete profile of your website visitors



You’ll have ownership of your targeting data. It is not cookie-based. It is people-based and never expires. Giving you the ability to market to your prospect anytime, anywhere, according to your schedule.



We give you a simple CSV file with the data, you can take that to any advertising platform, you can also do a email campaign. Now you don’t have to loose opportunities to power suppliers like FaceBook and Google using our site visitor profile match.



100% Sales Accountability, Full Ad-Spend Attribution. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. As a result you wind up wasting money on things that aren’t working, and less money on things that ARE working.


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Website Visitor

Your website visitor lands on your site, from any online source, and from any device the user is using.

Our Pixel

You have our Pixel installed on your site, and the website visitor profile match is captured, using any of their emails.
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Email Hash

The data of the website visitor is captured and converted into an email hash.


We send you a weekly CSV file containing all the hashes of your website visitors.


You can upload your csv file of hashed emails to any major advertising platform, and target your campaign specifically to them.

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The days of visitors accessing the web from one home or work computer with a consistent IP are gone. The average person accesses the web on multiple devices throughout the day. Simplistic cookies and third-party data collection are not able to piece together the identity of a potential customer across these devices.

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We Are Usually Asked About

So how do you collect this data ?

By using deterministic data, we’re able to track real people. We know who they are. Once we know who they are, cookies no longer matter. A custom audience can be created from this data on every major ad platform at any time.

What do you mean by; I will own the data ?

So you’ve heard about cookies right? When you visit a website or a product then you start seeing that product or companies ads everywhere you go online, that is a cookie targeting you. That cookie expires in 30 days.  But now you will own that cookie data of that person and target them whenever and however you’d like.

What kind of information do I get ?

You’ll get a CSV file and hash data, which a 32 character line and encryption, that hash line represents the data of the user. You can decrypt that hash data into; name – email – phone – address.

Does this comply with the GDPR policy ?

This only works in US territory, so we don’t even track EU data.

What is the result of this advantage ?

With cookie-based targeting, your campaigns must take place within a specific time window — the length of time before a cookie expires and your prospect essentially vanishes. This forces you into a sales cycle dictated not by what makes the most sense from a marketing standpoint, but by what is required by a cookie.

What will you gain from this advantage ?

The ability to market to your prospects anytime, anywhere, according to your schedule, not an ad platform’s schedule.

What is the difference of your service over the company I'm currently using ?

Even agencies that are really good at targeting can’t get the results we can. The reason? No advertising platform, not even Facebook, offers the ability to specifically target select individuals based such granular behaviors as we can when we use our site visitor profile match tactics.

What kind of results are you delivering ?

Depends of your legal practice area and target city. For an Immigration Lawyer in New York City, we’re getting 5 leads a day, at $10 to $15 per lead. For an Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver, we’re getting 5 leads a week, $15 to $20 per lead.

So what's included in your service ?

Option A;   We give you the data file and you pass it to your in house marketing team, and are already experts in Paid Ads Platforms.

Option B;   We cover everything; the data file, the landing page, the Ad designs, the conversions, the Ad copy and the Ad budget.

What is the time frame here ?

Once you sign-up and payment is made, between 7 to 10 days, we will get the First Hash File, by then the Ad designs, and Landing Page are ready to go and we get the campaign started.

Do you have a contract ?


3 month contract.

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