LiveChatEffective ways to Convert your Website Visitors into Leads



Steps to Successfully Turn Website Traffic Conversion into Customers


It can be frustrating to see the number of visitors to your website increase and a lack of sales or signups.


What are you doing wrong?


Although people may be visiting your website, it takes onsite tools and a few tricks of the trade to get them to actually sign up for your product or service.


You can learn how to convert website traffic into sales by simply stepping back and focusing on what would make someone stick around longer.


The whole reason organizations create websites is to house information for clients and prospective clients, and increase their chances of make a sale or getting a new name on their mailing list.


If your site is failing to to either of these things you or losing out on a major added bonus and wasting valuable online real estate.


We don’t want that to happen, so these tips can help you to get started.


Consider A/B TestingWebsite Traffic Conversion

It could be your website’s layout or overall organization. A/B testing is a process that can help you to see what really works.


This is a tool used in statistics as well.


You set up two pages of your website and test them both out to see which performs better.


The problems could be with your website’s layout or overall organization, you’ll never know unless you test out theories and eliminate obstacles and challenges along the way.


A/B testing is a process that can help you to see what really works and help you understand the importance of your users experience.


Also known as split testing, A/B testing allows for you to see what types of website setups get the results you are seeking.


For example, you can test two separate headlines to see which format, wording choice, or other elements get more clicks.


By using A/B testing software, half of your traffic will go to each page. If one gets significantly more results, you can model future pages using those results.


Add Onsite Live Chat Agents

Here’s something that works very well for service businesses as well as those websites where customers need immediate answers.


Live chat agent services, like those from MarkeTop are an outstanding way to give customers the information they want right away.


For example, a visitor reaches the site, reads a bit about the product or service, and then needs more information.


Instead of clicking off the page, live chat agents can answer those questions right away, securing the lead in most cases.


Why and How Using Live Chat Agents will convert your Web Traffic into SalesMaybe you’re wondering why they can’t just call the number listed on your contact page or send a message to you, and the answer is convenience.


You customers want things to be done conveniently and quickly. This means they don’t want to have to take the time out of their day to call someone, or spend a few days waiting for an email back.


Perhaps they have a task on their daily to do list and with the capabilities afforded to them through using those onsite live chat agents they are able to complete their task and prepare for their next step easier than they could have ever imagined.



Ensure SEO Is Truly Targeted

There’s very little benefit to having website visitors if they are not truly interested in your product or service, sure something might catch their eye, but it’s more than likely they’ll click off your page once they realize you don’t have what they are looking for.


It’s better to have 100 visitors that are interested in your product than 1000 with little true need.


This comes down to SEO.


If your SEO isn’t targeting the right keywords and markets, it is ineffective and that ineffective will yield your site ineffective as well.


If the SEO on your website isn’t precise you are not only attracting attention from the wrong people, but it is much more difficult for individuals who are in actual need of your services to find you.


So they people on your page have no use for it, and the people who have use for it can’t find it!


It is essential to take a closer look at what you are targeting, where your SEO may be lacking, and what you can do differently to get better qualified leads; with those changes made your site traffic will improve as will the number of visitors that convert to qualified leads.


Are You Offering a Clear Value Proposition?

Your site also gives you a place to boast about your accomplishments and detail your strengths.


Consider this page like a resume and recommendation letters all wrapped in a sales pitch.


website traffic conversion


You want to put your best foot forward but you also want the customer to walk away from that site eager and excited to work with you.


What’s in it for the website visitor? What is the take away you’d like all customers to carry with them when they leave your site.


A value proposition tells the customer why they should buy from you and not from anyone else.


It’s important that your website or landing page answer two questions for a client:

  • What’s in it for them?
  • Why should they buy from you?


What makes value propositions difficult for many business owners is that they tend to struggle with presenting this information.


In short, your page should communicate, in the most straightforward method possible, what it has to offer. This doesn’t mean to list out your prices in comparison to your competitors but explain how you stand out.


We’ve all see the infographics with the information of three organizations, the one your are interested in and 2 of their competitors; the organization in question will list services and skills related to their market and next to their name will be a green check indicating they provide those services and they have those skills, for their competitors there will be check marks but not as many as them.


This offers valuable information to the client, they know what you do and what skills you have and they also know how you are better than the other organizations they may have been researching. Offering a clear value proposition could be as easy as that.


Be sure your value proposition differs from your competition, is accurate, and is a direct reflection of what the customer really needs or wants to make these decisions.


Fast Tips for Improved Conversions


Website Traffic Conversion


The tips detailed above can take some time to implement, they are worth the effort though!


If your site is suffering now and you’d like to see some improved results while you make the bigger changes that are some other things you can do that don’t require as much time or effort.


There are many other factors to consider when developing a website and attempting to increase your conversions, and there is no one size fits all method that we can guarantee will work for every website on every page but the details above and the tips I am going to explain below will most definitely help your numbers increase.


Below are some of the simplest changes you can make now to see results.


When you utilize these tips and learn how to convert website traffic into sales with them, you can start to see improvements right away and be thankful you made the changes when you did:


  • Guaranteed or It’s On Me: Add a guarantee to your product or service. Aim for a no-questions-asked type of policy on any purchase. This reduces the visitor’s risk. You might be wary to offer a service like this, but have faith in your team and your product, that guarantee will serve as a badge of honor because it will never be put into use and on the rare occasion that it is, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust your services or products so you don’t run into those issues again.


  • CTA’s Always: Use action verbs on every page – “get yours now” and “reserve your spot”. A call to action does just that, it calls upon your customer to move fast and act quickly— which is exactly what you want!


  • Customer Reviews Are Golden: Use real testimonials on your page to create “social proof” that you are the ideal company to work with. We all read Google and Yelp reviews before picking a restaurant and those reviews help us in making a decision, these reviews will work in the same way!


  • Draw Them In ASAP: Keep your conversion element in the upper half of the web page. This includes opt-in boxes and forms. Avoid having your client scroll or search for those opt-in boxes and forms, having them front and center increases the likelihood that someone will sign up.


  • Content Is Appealing: Add video to your page to help build brand awareness and professionalism. Content that is top of the line will not only support the idea that you are professionals but it serves as proof of work as well.


  • Read All About It: Use easy-to-understand and motivating headlines that draw readers and site visitors in. You want people to click on your site and instantly know what you are all about.


Most importantly, you will need to ask your visitors why they signed up and what their needs are. The more interacting you can do with your customers, the more likely you are to get the results you really need and want.


At Marketop, we can help you to drive traffic that’s highly targeted to your site and with your new and improved website that traffic will turn into leads through just a click!