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Have you ever browsed a website only to find yourself with unanswered questions about products or services?


If you’ve spent much time online, the answer is almost assuredly yes.


Even the best sites in the world can’t address everything a customer may want to know, distancing your operations from the market you’re so desperately trying to reach.


So, what’s the solution? Promoting your 1-800 number in hopes of fielding questions and comments?


Setting up a contact field for customers to drop you a line? Or is there something easier and more effective right at your fingertips?


The Power in Live Chat

Live chat agents can be the saving grace your site needs, connecting customers with a live customer service representative in a passive, non-invasive manner.


Site visitors have an immediate outlet for questions, concerns, and comments without taking independent action, providing a convenient and instant alternative for obtaining necessary information in a time effective manner.


A live chat window provides a perfect interface for customer assistance, offering one-on-one guidance from trained, passionate professionals.


And it works. 68% of website visitors will engage with a live chat window, and 63% will return to a site with live chat agents in order to make a repeat purchase.


Live chat has also been demonstrated to increase customer conversions by up to 20%, transforming consumers hesitant to move forward into satisfied customers.


Sound pretty great? Well, we think so too.


Why Website Sales Chat Works


It’s clear that live chat agents have a lot to offer to your company’s site, but why is it so effective?


In short, live chat offers a service that virtually no other means of communication can provide. It’s convenient, fast, and personal: in short, everything a customer needs when facing an immediate purchase decision.


Even in today’s modern, technologically-driven era, adoption of live chat functionality is fairly low, giving you a one-up on your competition without breaking the bank.


By answering consumer queries mid-purchase, live chat agents are able to instill confidence in a buyer, guiding the process in a targeted manner than leads to sales and positive results.


Shoppers can also report errors in real time, receiving immediate workarounds that could otherwise deter a successful transaction.


Some chat platforms can even allow agents to interact with page visitors, highlighting text, indicating necessary fields, and assisting in the product search process in order to enhance the user experience.


Live chat also offers several financial advantages to companies, providing an affordable solution to a common problem.


Hiring agents to manage live chat is often significantly cheaper than manning a 24-hour phone line. In addition, agents can manage multiple chats at once, a benefit that isn’t possible over the phone, allowing businesses to reduce staffing needs while maximizing response rates.


When you’re struggling to transition idle shoppers into avid customers, live chat may be the secret weapon you’ve been missing.


Rather than letting site visitors slip away and spend money elsewhere, explore the power of customer conversion in the 21st century, providing customer support in a technologically savvy way.


How much can your company grow with help from live chat agents?


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Online shopping has offered customers a level of convenience that simply cannot be rivaled by any in-store shopping experience.


While this has certainly given online markets a competitive advantage, there are some aspects of the shopping experience that get left behind during the transformation from a face-to- face experience to a digital one.


As a result, online companies need to step up their game to let customers know that they are still there for them.


A lot of strategies have arisen as a result of companies attempting to stand out from the competition, but one of the most effective solutions is the decision to hire live chat operators for your website.


Here are the top five reasons you need chat assistants for your business:


  1. the power of live chatEliminates the Impersonal Aspect of Online Shopping: In a physical store, if a customer has a question, all they need to do is ask any of several employees that are readily available on the sales floor.


When it comes to online shopping, if a customer has a question, they likely have to sift through contact information buried somewhere within the website to send an email or call a 1-800 number.


Both of these options are extremely annoying, and usually entail a wait time before they get their response. If the customer does go to the trouble of contacting your business, they likely will have found another company that offers the same product or service by the time they hear back from you.


However, with chat support readily available, the communication is instantaneous—just as it would be during a physical shopping experience.


The customer feels adequately helped, feels like the experience is much more personal, and is less likely to go looking to your competition to fulfil their need for the service or product your business provides.


  1. Decreases Expenses: Believe it or not, having a live chat assistant available on your website can significantly cut down on costs for your business.


Because customers are being immediately helpedlivechat reduces expenses without needing to make a phone call, you won’t need to spend nearly as much money to keep your call centre operating.


Furthermore, fewer representatives need to be hired, as live chat representatives can handle a number of chats simultaneously.


  1. Positively Impacts Sales Numbers: When visiting a website, if a customer has a conversation with talk support, studies show that this directly results in an increase in sales.


Customers feel much more satisfied with their experience on the website when this happens and, consequently, they are much more likely to purchase the product from your company as opposed to from one of your competitors.


  1. Makes You Stand Out from the Competition: When customers are engaged in conversation with chat support, this is often a pleasant surprise for them.


The reason that it is surprising is because there is a shortage of companies that hire live chat operators for their website.


Recognizing this, there are many top retail businesses that don’t have this service as an option for their customers, and ultimately, a lot of them are losing sales as a result.


  1. website sales chatProvides Your Business with Valuable Information: A customer directly engaging with a support agent is more likely to ask questions about products that will guarantee to meet or exceed their expectation of the service.


When customers order something online, typically they are trying to fulfil a specific need or desire.


If they are unsure of whether or not the product or service you offer is what they need, they will ask the live chat operator.


This, in turn, provides your company with essential information necessary to improve the product in the long run.


If you are able to discover what customers want from your product or service that you aren’t delivering, you can use the knowledge you gain to improve your business for future customers.


Don’t be like other companies that are failing to capitalise on all the advantages live chat operators can offer for your business.


The list of benefits that result from having live chat on your site is long and are sure to surprise you.


If you aren’t sure of where to start in implementing this into your business’s website, no problem! Here at MarketTop, we are here to help indoctrinate this into your system. Hire us today to start benefiting from live chat services on your site!


What Marketop Can Do for Your Business

By providing a live agent 24/7 on your website, you can cut through the red tape and let our agents be the face of your business anytime of day or night. So that when you are not there, your business will continue to make you sales and conversions!

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In other words, subscribing to our Website Sales Chat Services is similar to having a mobile sales representative to go around the world 24/7 promoting your brand.


Automated with a Personal Touch

And not only do they do this, but, while our system is automated, we make it personal by providing you with a real “live” person, rather than any of the automatic “chat software” animation characters that some businesses try to employ for their site.


Despite the fact that people want automatic help and service, there is still a deep-seeded need for human contact, help, and intervention.


We are aware of this need at Marketop, and that’s why we use only the very best system for your Website Sales Chat Services with a real person who can address the very real issues that your customers have.


We can also deliver your web visitors into leads to your email and upload them to a dashboard for you, which can even be connected to a CRM. So you will have all of the important sales lead data in one place where you can manage it.


At the end of the day, what does this mean?


Increased Conversions Better leads generation

Better leads generation

Higher ROI (return on investment)

Higher customer satisfaction and “social proof.”

Better online reputation


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If you answer customer questions when they have them, you provide a solution for their need for immediate answers, and you may turn “on the fence” customers into brand evangelists.


LiveChat may just be the very thing you need to turn your business into an empire.


Think what a difference a website sales chat service can make for your reputation, conversions, and online brand. Think what a difference it will make to your bottom line.


Contact us for information and a free consultation. Remember, while you’re reading this, customers may be on your site wanting to ask you a question. Is there anyone there to answer?