Many small businesses think that building a website and maintaining a social media presence is the end-all of their online marketing efforts. So much attention is focused on directing traffic from pay per click campaigns, social media platforms, and from long tail organic keywords. But monitoring and segmenting that traffic is just as important.

Monitoring traffic enables you to pinpoint the type of demographic that is coming onto your website. This empowers you with the analytics that can help you generate dynamic content and products that will be sensitive to the needs of your visitors. It’s a way of departmentalizing, and tapping into a greater insight into the behaviors of your users.

Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Track Website Performancehow-website-performance-affects-shopping-behavior-396x620

  • Redundancy. You may be feeding written content to a specific keyword – but by not watching your online traffic, you may be missing out on “buying” keywords that’ll attract sales and repeat customers. Being aware of the type of content that pages are bringing enables you to create posts that are fine-tuned to the needs of your readers.
  • Am I being monitored by a competitor? There are many apps and pieces of software that allow competitors to tap into your media mentions, use heuristics to create a profile of your business intelligence, as well as check what sort of keywords that you are ranking for. When dissecting traffic insights, there is a chance that you may notice an unusual spike in traffic. Sometimes this traffic tends to come from one source and may happen at specific There is a chance that you may be monitored by a competitor. You can then take the appropriate action to patch any weak points in your marketing campaign and secure it from spying eyes.
  • You giving your competitors a leg up when you do not monitor and dissect your traffic. Many small businesses are very savvy when it comes to selling specific products to specific target groups. The same type of logic needs to be transferred over when dealing with business websites and online stores.

Reasons You Need To Monitor Business Pages

Google will most likely penalize you. In the past couple of years, Google has released several algorithm changes spotlighting the importance of exemplary customer experience. It has underlined the value of dynamic web pages that focus more on bridging mobile searchers with a valuable, unique information. Using black hat methods to draw in traffic, or having a website that is subjected to incredulous traffic sources, run the risk of being penalized and blacklisted by the major search engine.

How Outbound Links Improve Ranking. Monitoring traffic can be done with specialty tools, or even from an outsourced agency. Regardless of what method of traffic checking you use, you will want to be sure to keep tabs on it, as you can understand just what kind of information your visitors are looking at most, or ignoring. You will be able to visualize heat maps, or areas that your readers tend to focus most of their time in. This can be specific parts of the content, or to different aspects of your website’s structure.

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Why You Need To Monitor Outbound and Inbound Links
Outbound links help in establishing your website as reputable and trustworthy to search engine spiders, and can provide link juice to fresh readers who will be sensitive to your call to action. By linking your currently unknown website to other websites that already are recognized and trusted in your particular niche, you can earn some of that already established page rank. This isn’t an excuse to backlink every other word on your page to an outbound link – it needs to be highly focused. Too many outbound links, and you may notice that you are actually losing readers since you are subjecting them to outside content. Monitoring software will check traffic to see if your content simply has too many links.

It’s important to be cognizant of the fact that every link you post is an extension of your website. Your developing traffic will assume that wherever you send them is an endorsement made by you, so make sure you check and double check that you outbound links are accurate to avoid any mistakes that could potentially harm your still growing reputation. Linking to pages that don’t exist will cause readers to exit from your website altogether, since most online users are very fickle.keep-calm-and-use-data-wisely-257x300

Monitoring your website is easy if you know the tools that are at your disposal. Before you begin running a website of your own, research MarkeTop website monitoring programs. Many websites have their own default traffic monitors available with no charge, but a professional tool will allow you to tap into your traffic more efficiently, with the visual presentation of data.

Being Proactive Against Issues
Monitoring your web traffic underlines the value of your online content, but it is a proactive approach to mitigating errors. Real-time analytics will notify you when an issue arises that may be turning off your readers. Live alerts will signal when coding interfere with each other, or when large amounts of traffic start to pour in, and your servers are in danger of collapsing.