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“How artificial intelligence is shaping the digital marketing landscape as it stands today”


Ai and Machine Learning have become buzz words in the booming tech world we live in today. Ai is improving our ability to make buying decisions, conduct better product research, and influence others in their buyer’s journeys.

There are two main forms of Ai:

Pure Ai: Machines try to think in ways humans would.

Pragmatic Ai: Technologies that include machine learning – algorithms that track and analyze data to try and predict different behaviors.

Ai technology for marketing exists so that marketing agencies can use it to enhance their abilities and achieve better results for your clients.

There are three major ways Ai is enhancing the digital marketing industry:



Improved User Experience


We all know customer experience is one of the most important aspects for a digital marketing strategy.

When users continue to see relevant content that pertains specifically to them, they are more than likely to convert into recurring loyal customers to the business.

Artificial Intelligence picks up on those customer’s data and online behaviors such as historical data, location, and specific searches made to then determine the type of content most applicable to them.

By practicing this strategy, customers assume that the advertised brand was built specifically for them, in turn increasing conversions to qualified leads.

At Marketop, our Ai technology tracks users based on their search history on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing as well as collecting historical data of activity on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. We then know if certain users are actively shopping around for the types of services our clients are providing.

This gives Marketop a competitive advantage over traditional marketing agencies who advertise to 100% of the population opposed to the 3% of the target audience of customers that are actual buyers.




Predicting Customer Behaviors:


Ai can help personalize and predict a buyer’s experience based on past purchases or online behavior and guess behavioral patterns for new and existing customers.

With so many data companies today collecting third party data, Ai is now able to crawl that data to learn more about your ideal customers.

This data is then used to automatically personalize the client’s services to their needs through the customer’s buyers’ journey and digital profiles.

Marketers can then use this to filter out mismatches and target true leads that have a potential to convert.

These practices can save businesses a significant amount of time and money while executing an effective marketing strategy.

Ai & Machine Learning is constantly adapting and targeting larger audience sizes by collecting data, interpreting it, and then analyzing the data to get smarter and more efficient. This means the potential buyers and conversions should grow in volume as time progresses through Artificial Intelligence.




Real Time Customer Support:

When customers are preparing for the buy, they expect quick and easy responses and solutions.

Ai allows businesses to connect with buyers in real-time.

Whether it’s through Marketop’s Ai chatbot functionalities or through our proprietary Ai marketing dashboard, communication through these platforms are programmed to trigger immediate responses through chat, text, or automated email correspondence.

In the technologically advanced world we live in today, customer transactions and the buying process has significantly increased in speed to purchase. With all the technology available to buyers for a quick and easy purchase, it’s important that you get to your customers before your competitors do.

Therefore, Ai and Machine Learning gives you the competitive edge over other businesses. Ai and Machine Learning powered digital marketing allows businesses to target and reach their ideal customers before the buyer ever officially indicates that they are in the market for a service.

Artificial intelligence is changing how our world thinks. It’s crucial in today’s fast changing environment to adapt quickly as a business and participate in new trends that will soon be standardized in the digital marketing industry. How can your business benefit from integrating Ai and ML into your marketing process?



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