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If you landed on our site you might have searched for a keyword maybe. So that’s mainly the point of SEO, searching for a keyword then getting found, making the web visitor see your website and get to know your company and services. If your website is appealing enough to them they’ll fill in a contact form or give you a call, that’s more about the design of the site. But SEO is the way to get found through keywords that people search for. It’s a whole world of factors to consider about SEO, you start off with a website and then need to optimize it, meaning to do SEO. Google has published over 200 factors to optimize your website, in order to be found for a keyword that you want to rank for.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an activity that uses keyword phrases and words relevancies to rank a website in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO service providers will utilize the practice and requirements set by these search engines to put your website in higher rank to increase the number of visits to your site. Hiring MarkeTop for SEO services will make to site rank better and considerably improve your online visibility through organic searches.


With the increase of internet usage and online marketing effectiveness and low budget usage, it’s important to incorporate productive and efficient SEO strategy to benefit from internet advertising. There are several services offered by SEO firms to help boost your ranking in the popular search engines. We will guide you through the whole process with our professional expertise to ensure that your website benefits from effective SEO usage. Our services involve:

Coming up with an efficient and productive blog

This is the first step in having a working SEO strategy. We will start by identifying your target business audience. We can also look out for other marketers such as in social media and link sources from other blogs or websites that write or sell information based on the products and services that you are using.

Creating high-quality content

A captivating content strategy is one of the most important features of a website. Content is king, and you must create posts that are interesting and insightful for your target audience to read and share. The creation of content should involve the description of what you are selling or the services that you are offering. It is advisable to ensure that the content does not concentrate on marketing but rather on giving insightful features and real facts about the products or services. Also, make sure that your content is regularly updated, and the site or blog visitors’ comments or queries responded to constantly.

seo planningCreating relevant keyword phrases

You may consider consulting with our experts at MarkeTop, for more information regarding the issue of keyword research. We can recommend the use of various tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Long Tail Pro, and research to find the appropriate keyword that is not very competitive and relatively easy to rank for.

Ensuring content optimization

We will optimize your content as required. It’s important to note that the search engines look for overall context, semantic markups, and synonym keywords. We will work hard to integrate your keyword in the right manner to enable better utilization for your keyword. It could amaze how one blog post of 3,000 words on your site with the correct markups and tools can rank even better than your regular homepage.

Use of WordPress Plugins

For those whose websites are built in WordPress, it is important that you know which plugins are necessary for your website. W3 Total Cache can be used to remove inappropriate comments by jealous site visitors. NextScripts Auto Poster is also a good plugin which you can use in pushing for the updates to 26 social networks. There are much more plugins and that help to optimize every avenue of your website.

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Link building

link-buildingBy building backlinks, you are increasing the chances of getting more marketing activities for your website at a much lower cost. There are various types of links that you should consider, and they include powerful contextual links from other blogs and websites. You can also add a social link such as Facebook or Google+. You can build other links from blog comments, internal linking within your website and niche forums.

MarkeTop helps out with the above services, your website will be in its best SEO utilization. Every business venture seeking to have a powerful online presence should use our SEO services to get their site to higher rankings and increase traffic to their website. Several benefits accrue to business owners as a result of getting the appropriate SEO services from our highly skilled professionals and these include:

It’s cheaper 

SEO marketing is more affordable compared to other forms of marketing such as paid advertising or social media marketing. Lots of searches are carried out in search engines thus investing in SEO services will bring more potential customers to your website.

It’s an upward trend

Considering the tremendous way search engine companies are working and growing, SEO will be around for quite a long time. These techniques will be applied for the long run.

seo statistics

There are an ever increasing mobile bandwidth and search optimization on local levels

More and more people are conducting searches and even making purchases by using mobile devices. The lower cost of accessing the internet is also contributing to this trend. Many companies are rushing to establish local search optimization, further encouraging the use of search engine techniques. It is important for every business owner to consider utilizing SEO expertise in their websites.

Your competitors are not sleeping

Fighting for the top ranking positions is the ever existing and perhaps the most competitive form of online marketing. It’s, therefore, important to stay afloat and focus on improving your SEO to ensure that your competitors do not overtake you and make you lose customers unnecessarily.

All said and done, it is vital to understand the importance of SEO; MarkeTop is your ideal partner for excellent SEO services. All you need is to contact us and begin the journey of growing your sales and expanding your business by incorporating the necessary skills offered by our experts. Let us help transform your business marketing strategy.