What’s LiveChat about?

So you have a website, you have been doing SEO and/or paid advertising, you check your Google Analytics, and you see your traffic is picking up. You feel good, right? But you check the amount of leads or website inquiries you have received and you feel they are not enough.

That is when having LiveChat agents will help.

Imagine having an agent on your website at all times. Imagine the amount of visitors the agent can convert into leads for you.



LiveChat is a tool that is beginning to take on new popularity as a unique way to capture leads, sales, and conversions. Some companies have been slow to utilize the power of this tool, but more businesses have now started to harness the power of this one-to-one communication tool. It’s also fantastic for customer service.

Here are a couple of ways that a LiveChat service will help your business:

As a Lead Generator

LiveChat agents can help by generating new leads for your business. As visitors come to your website and ask questions, the agent can collect real-time, essential information from the visitor, [with the visitor’s permission, of course]. Information such as the customer’s email and phone number. This information can be collected and stored in a database, one that will grow over time, and will provide you with a great starting place when you want to promote your business via email campaigns.

As a Sales Conversion Tool

The bottom line of success of any online website is how well it converts.. Let’s face it, without conversions, all you have is a website with some attractive graphics that takes up web space. What you want to do is to provide visitors and potential customers with answers to their questions and objections, and then convert.

Overcoming Objections: The Holy Grail of Sales Conversions

What is one of the most important tasks you must undertake to convert an objection into a sale? The answer is that you must answer their questions and provide a solution to their objections. Your site’s visitors will inevitably have questions on some of your products or services. They may have questions that you never hear about. HelpScount.net reported recently that 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience.

livechat statsIt takes 12 positive customer service experiences to make up for one negative customer experience. This is because customers who have negative experiences tend to tell several others about their problem. They complain about it on social media, put up blog posts about it, and numerous other tactics. This can easily disparage your business, and there’s not much you can do about it. You cannot call it “libel” because it is understood now that businesses have a “social proof” standard they must live up to these days. So companies must find a way to address these complaints and win back the majority opinion by promoting the good things about your business.

For every customer who bothers to complain, 26 more remain silent about their negative customer service experience.

Why LiveChat is Better

Having a real live person talking to them on your website is a much better solution for any issues your customers have, from customer service to sales questions, and anything else your customers may need to know.

A bit of psychology comes in here for sure. When people are angry, and they’ve had a bad experience, they want answers then. They don’t want to wait 24 hours, a day, a week, or any other amount of time to get solutions. They just want an answer and someone to listen.

That’s why LiveChat comes to the rescue in these situations and provides the customer with an emotional outlet, the information they need to solve their problem, and a dedicated chat person to help them deal with their issues.

LiveChat Features

24/7 LiveChat Agents

Your service will include LiveChat Agents which will be 24/7 available to chat with your site visitors

Chat Transcripts

You’ll have full access to the chat transcripts/conversations that the agents had with the lead.

Chat Software Included

The pricing includes the chat software/widget that’ll be installed on your site.

Trained Agents

Professional chatting agents based in Australia and the Philippines.


We send you a one line code to install on your site, if you need help we can do it for you.

Dedicated Manager

You’ll have a dedicated manager you craft the best FAQ’s of your business.

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