Why Is Content Important?

After backlinks, content is the most important factor for Google. There are many statistics that show that having engaging content increases your qualified leads, as people prefer to be educated through content than sold through an ad.


Value of High-Quality Content

Whether you are a business to-business or business-to-consumer company, content marketing is a trend that has become a part of the overall marketing campaign and company website. High-quality content is what can help your business stand apart as a unique and credible entity. Many business owners struggle to know what high-quality content entails. What is considered as quality varies depending on the industry, niche or target audience. According to a report by Dragon Search Marketing, 61% of consumers are influenced by custom content. It goes a long way to show that quality content marketing is an effective strategy that companies should use to retain and acquire more customers, as well as create brand authority within the industry.

Below are some key benefits of having high-quality content for your website:

Increased Search Engine Rankings

High-quality content that is optimized for relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and headlines result in improved search engine rankings. By ranking highly on the search engine results page, your business gains visibility and consumers can easily find you online when they search. As a leading search engine, Google emphasizes the importance of posting fresh and valuable information every so often, for a better chance of achieving higher Google rankings. Every new post that is added to your website’s blog adds another page for Google indexing. Having a greater amount of indexed, quality-rich pages gives you an opportunity to rank for more search queries. There are case studies that show the longer the content in a post, the higher chances of rankings that article has. But, as always, quality over quantity when in doubt.

Guidelines to a Post That Will Rank on Google

  • The title of the post. Make it an important keyword to you and then place your brand at the end.
  • Meta Description. A summary of 160 characters, including letters and spaces. Once again include your keyword here, as well as some general details of what the post is about.
  • As far as the actual content, here is where you will be placing your first H1 tag. This can be a phrase instead of a keyword. You preferably can make the H1 tag a synonym of your keyword or phrase.
  • A quick summary or introduction paragraph.
  • Then try to use a structured index table of content. There are several WordPress plugins that help you do this. The purpose is to alert Google that this post is so well structured, they should rank it. And it’s also for your readers, of course, as they’ll be able to click on a table, and read all the clickable headers and sub-headers.
  • After the table, simply start writing. Start with an H2 tag, and inside of the H2 tag include three H3 tags. Under each H2 tag and H3 tag, include three to four paragraphs of content.
  • Once you have written the content, add photos and a video. Make the picture relevant to your topic, as well as the video. People usually like print screens, as well, so they can see what you’re discussing.
  • Then you’ll implement what’s called a silo structure, which means to include hyperlinks to internal and external sites. The rule of thumb is to include two hyperlinks per every 500 words that your post has. One link will go to another page on your site and the other link will go to an external website you want to reference.
  • Last part is to encourage your reader to leave you a comment on the post. At the end, you could ask something interesting to make your readers comment. When they comment, it’s crucial for you to reply.


content statsBoosts Conversions

The more valuable and informative content you publish, the greater the authority potential of your website. Web pages with a compelling call to action convert more visitors to buyers. If you provide relevant information pertaining the industry, consumers will want to know more resulting in inquiries and that way they will get in touch with your business. In short, high-quality content will help take your business to the next level. Hiring a professional content marketing service will help to pitch your products and services in a tactful manner that will increase the number of conversions.

Increased online sales

A website with meaningful information helps consumers to gain a better understanding of the products and services offered and will most likely result in qualified leads. If done properly, content marketing will attract the right kind of consumers who are genuinely interested in your products or services. As a prospect buyer takes the time to go through the buying cycle, they will need quality content that matches with their demands. The type of content you publish on your website needs to convince them that you are the perfect fit for them.

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Improved Consumer Education

Sharing information that is meaningful will help to educate and build the trust of clients and potential customers. When you post additional photos and videos that demonstrate what your company does, you directly engage the audience thus is more likely to convert them to paying customers. A report by the Custom Content Council, 2014 established that custom content is preferred by 68% of consumers for the sole reason that it provides vital information that caters to their interests or particular needs. Many companies including Zappos and Apple have reaped significant benefits from using videos in their content as a way of educating the consumers.

It’s Affordable

According to Neil Pattel, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. Though you may want to use paid options for your content marketing efforts in the first few months, you can save your marketing budget by using high-quality content to generate positive actions and get the content shared organically. By hiring an experienced content marketing service, your business can produce better online content and establish new channels more cost effectively. The sooner you invest in content marketing services, the sooner you stand to benefit from it.

Creating an effective content strategy for your business marketing needs requires a significant amount of talent and time. You might lack in capacity required to produce fresh, relevant content regularly and oversee the content creation for your business website. If that’s the case, consider hiring MarkeTop to generate unique website content for business development. An estimated 73% of business owners rely on quality branded content in their marketing and promotion strategies.

Start planning and executing a brilliant content marketing campaign with MarkeTop, and experience the limitless opportunities your business can gain. Contact us today for additional information.

Content marketingcontent marketing model

Content marketing is tricky to get right, but once you do, you’re sure to see a vast improvement on your sales and visitors to your site.

Primarily, if you don’t have a blog on your company website or one that is connected to your company, then get one. Blogs don’t have to be of an amazing complex design or have lots of unique content. As long as you have a design that looks clean and matches your business image, you’re well on your way to creating something that is quickly becoming the forefront of business online – content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing isn’t easy. Sure, you can put some content together in about half an hour, stick in a call to action or sales message, and publish to your website or blog – but in the long run, you won’t achieve much of anything.

Good content marketing requires little to no overt sales message at all. You should be in tune with your customer’s needs, and how your products or services can help them. Content marketing is also a good way to get your brand known – to build brand awareness about you and your company. It’s a great chance for you to do something you wouldn’t do normally – set up competitions, talk about problems in your industry, or create a video that will make your customers interested in what you do and what you’re about.

Example: Blendtec

CEO of the company Blendtec, Craig Taylor, realized that while they had a stunning product that worked extremely well, no one was interested in their brand or product. So he decided to create a series of YouTube videos where he would place any kind of object into the blender – creating the Will It Blend? series that is currently very popular.

While entertaining, what this actually does is send the viewer a message – hey, this blender is AMAZING! It blends everything! iPads, golf clubs, pool cues! It has to work, you should buy one. It’s sales marketing without being direct, and this is what you need to achieve in content marketing.

Great, where do I start?

We can work with you to provide entertaining, educational, and interesting content, and we are able to market it to the right people to get your brand known – and so others are excited to talk about your company online.

This naturally creates sales. The more positive, good stuff people hear about your business, the more they want to be involved. Following you on social media, reading your blog, and buying your products and becoming a loyal customer can be achieved with content marketing, and we can help you.

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