General Refund and cancellation policies.

Marketop supplies services which are stipulated in an understanding or a proposition and those services are usually delivered on monthly basis. Either the Customer or Marketop may cancel the service by providing a thirty (30) days notice prior to the first day of the next charging cycle to the other party. Marketop can also cancel the service in the case of: nonpayment by Customer, breach of any term or situation Agreement and the related contracts, or Customers use of the Service disturbs or, in Marketop sole and complete discretion and/or judgment, could disrupt, business operations and/or hosting providers, of whether the Services are prohibited by relevant law, or become improper or unfeasible for any technical, legal or regulatory reason, by providing Customer as much prior notice as reasonably practicable.

Marketop services are supplied on a monthly basis, so the customer would be accountable for fees for services already supplied and paid no matter when the customer provides notice of cancellation. Cancellations might be requested via telephone or e-mail. Our official e-mail address for cancellation/refunds is , our official telephone number is 646-751-8555. If Customer has pre-paid for services one, six or twelve months beforehand, the customer agrees that no refunds would be issued for any unused part of the services regardless of when the services are canceled by the customer.

Thus, if the customer’s account is cancelled at any stage throughout the pre paid contract term, Customer is not going to be entitled to a professional rated refund. We lay dormant for more than 90 days or don’t offer refunds on deposits or payments for jobs which are left. The cancellation process is liable to change without notice. Refund for Services including Consulting and Website Design, Search engine optimization, Blogging, Social Media. Marketop will supply to the customer a suggestion or arrangement to ensure both parties are free from all demands before proceeding prior to beginning all web site design and internet search engine optimization services.

A campaign can be negotiated before beginning a job, but must be conformed to once customer makes work and an initial payment. Marketop might accept a refund request in some specific cases and at our attention. An Example where we’d accept the request for a refund will be if Marketop and customer are not able to work collectively in a professional and communicative way, where a common arrangement is made.

Nevertheless, at least three attempts to rectify the scenario must be made before undertaking cancellation on either side. If the quantity of hours set towards the job less the entire sum of the deposit paid for the job if this is the case the refund will constantly be.

Refund for Deficiency of Results.

We offer no guarantee of outcomes from any service we supply. Because of the nature of Search Engine Optimization, we can’t guarantee any degree of visibility in social media or on-line search. Because of the nature of your company and your industry, we can’t guarantee any amount of results for the web site. So, we DON’T supply any refund or money back guarantees on providers. This can be a standard practice with all interactive advertising firms that are professional and responsible. This is likewise clarified by the fact that changes in the ranking algorithms of all important search engines and the conduct of search engine robots stay from our control.

What we ensure though is that the site will be constructed and optimized in conformity with the latest search engine optimization policies, using only white hat techniques, which in combination with our high experience and hard work will finally lead to a noticeable increase in positions and traffic.


If we receive a chargeback dispute,  the clients service and job will be frozen without notice. As an alternative to issuing a chargeback, any billing problems to be addressed by us. Opening a PayPal dispute for the actual charge from us or requesting a chargeback is fraud, and is never a suitable or lawful means of getting a refund. Please read and ensure you completely understand our refund policy prior to making payment.