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VGT institute provides services and course that prepares their clients for the different forms of driving experience.

With the website redesign, users will not have to wonder too much about the services offered when they visit.

Users of this website can thus establish a high level of familiarity with the services provided by VGT institute at first contact with the website. The website also conveniently invites users to maximizes the services offered by VGT Institute.

On the first glance at this website, one will find a variety of courses provided by the organization with an invitation to see more courses which makes users more interested in the products and services offered.

The different office locations embedded in the website also enhances its accessibility to users. Users also get a feel of the training environment from the pictures on the website.The social media feeds and working hours incorporated into the website also enhance its functionality as per the client’s request.

Client: VTG Institute

Category: Website Design