360 Sports & Syngrass provides lawn and sport surfacing services. The organization wanted to incorporate keywords connected to the services they offer and their location into the website to increase the SEO rating.

SEO services involve the natural incorporation of keywords to improve a website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. Our mode of operation revolved around the natural incorporation of keywords related to the services and location of 360 Sports & Syngrass.

The different keywords related to the products and services offered by the organization were included on the website. The location was also included in several ways to ensure that it ranks highly in search results.

The SEO service we offered was aimed at getting the website and the services offered by 360 Sports & Syngrass. To attract clients interested in a certain service, the different sports for which the company provides sports surface were also included as part of the content of the landing page of the website.

Client: 360 Sport Systems

Category: SEO