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This project was the redesigning of the e-commerce platform of Alpha Laser Richmond Corp, an establishment that caters to the printing materials and equipment needs of customers within and behind Staten Island where the shop is located.

With this website, Alpha Laser Richmond Corp wanted to cater to the needs of clients beyond their physical reach. Accessibility and ease of use are two major features of an e-commerce website, and this website redesign was aimed at those two features.

Users of this e-commerce platform can easily search for available products according to the brand. The widget of the different brands were also on the home page of the website for increased accessibility. One can also search for the products they seek on the home page of the website.

Items up for sales are also highlighted in a section of the home page of the website to enhance its accessibility. The functionality and accessibility of this website were also enhanced with its three language options: French, English and Spanish. As with every functional e-commerce website, the payment options are also properly stated. The e-commerce website was also directly linked to the different social media accounts of the organization to intimate users with the brand.

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Client: Alpha Laser

Category: Website Design