On March 22nd the stay home order came into effect for New York City. Since early March our hospitals have been filled with individuals suffering from an illness with no cure, no treatment plan, no information at all. We were all told to stay home to stay safe. We’ve created makeshift home offices, some of us have become teachers in addition to working; but we all were told to stay home.


Most of us, from the confines of our homes, have watched news updates and read articles detailing the stark realities of the current situation. From the confines of our homes, we have hosted zoom parties and weddings, rediscovered old hobbies and become chefs in our own right. Others have struggled with what tomorrow will bring, unable to attend those zoom parties and explore cuisines, instead focused on how this new reality has forever altered their lives. People have lost loved ones, families have been separated, and normalcy has been redefined. From the confines of our homes we pondered all of this. It was apparent to us that we had the ability to help, the question of who to help and how best to do it, are what plagued us.


marketop donates 500 masks



When our co-founders, John Yi and Luigi Martinez, learned of the need for masks among healthcare and frontline workers, the answers to who and how to help suddenly became clear. 


Marketop has donated 500 masks to the amazing healthcare and frontline workers at NYU Langone. While we deal with homeschooling, working from home and the frustrations of the unknown, these individuals are leaving their homes, their families, and putting themselves on the line to help those in need. These nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, members of housekeeping, kitchen staff, and countless others are choosing to fight for us.


Our donation was a personal one as well, our co-founder John Yi, attended NYU. He graduated with a Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing as a Dean’s Graduate Scholar. He has explained that the time he spent studying at NYU changed his life trajectory. His path became clear at NYU and through his studies he learned how to pave the way forward. After graduation he decided to continue his studies as an Executive MBA Candidate at Cornell University’s SC Johnson Graduate School of Management and at the same time co-founded Marketop, a data marketing agency, with Luigi.


Without NYU, Marketop might not exist, and without the dedication of all those working at NYU Langone day in and day out, who knows what the world could be missing. Every life saved is another future doctor, lawyer, artist, or teacher. Our frontline workers are preserving our futures and changing the fabric of our world daily. 


marketop donates 500 masks


There is no amount of thanks worthy and no donation large enough to express just how grateful we all are, but we’re hoping this donation serves as a good place to start. 


We contribute to the success of our frontline workers by decreasing the number of individuals they need to treat. Collectively, our donation has taken shape as time. Time away from work, time spent teaching, time seemingly passing us by— but it’s all worth it, and it’s making a real difference.


Thank you for your time. Thank you for giving what you can. Thank you for staying home.