How does your Physical Therapy Business rank right now?

No matter how established your physical therapy business, new clients are the lifeblood of your success – especially in a market where fresh new competitors emerge every year.

Online marketing can give your advertising efforts a powerful boost, especially if you leverage the power of Google.

The statistics speak for themselves: 79% of Americans will research physical therapists in their area online before deciding to contact anyone.

50% of those searches will be hyperlocal – that’s to say, within a 20-mile radius of your practice.

They might call it the world wide web, but when it comes to the physical therapy business, people go local…

…and just so you know, a shocking 6 out of 10 physical therapists simply don’t practice online marketing.

What does this mean for you?

That a powerful online marketing campaign can and will put you streets ahead of your competition.

It’s a lot easier than you think to get started, as well.

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Offsite SEO to build a powerful local presence that puts you in the spotlight

We personalize all our services to meet the unique needs of your business, building a powerful presence that marks you as a leading provider of physical therapy in your area.


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Every day, hundreds of people in your local area are seeking a physical therapist to help them with their condition.

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As a physical therapist is can be busy times with your current clients but once their sessions are over it it is time to get new clients…

But how do you do this?

It Only Takes 3 Simple Steps:

1. Get Your NAP Straight. NAP refers your Name, Address, and Phone number, it’s the foundation of any business.

2. A Website or Google Business Page

3. Obtain Reviews - We all know that obtaining online reviews is crucial.

I’d like to show you a way on how to increase your business by leverage the power of SEO, which brings you more traffic to your website, which then results in more sales.

Interested in knowing if your website can get more interested patients ?

To start, it’s important to brainstorm a list of keywords that you know will pertain to your office:

1. Your name/your brand.

2. Physical therapy + your location.

3. Typical injuries your office treats.

4. Therapy modalities you implement.

As you can see in the searches it will bring a list of therapy practices that either are in the area or provide the solution.

That is what every practice should be aiming for as 85% of your customers are searching for the exact services you are offering.

By utilizing keyword research and by using the keywords that your potential clients search for you will be guaranteed to bring in new applicants on demand.

Have you heard about LiveChat ?

LiveChat is a tool that is beginning to take on new popularity as a unique way to capture leads, sales, and conversions. Some companies have been slow to utilize the power of this tool, but more businesses have now started to harness the power of this one-to-one communication tool. It’s also fantastic for customer service.


LiveChat Features

24/7 LiveChat Agents

Your service will include LiveChat Agents which will be 24/7 available to chat with your site visitors

Chat Software Included

The pricing includes the chat software/widget that'll be installed on your site.


We send you a one line code to install on your site, if you need help we can do it for you

Chat Transcripts

You'll have full access to the chat transcripts/conversations that the agents had with the lead.

Trained Agents

Professional chatting agents based in Australia and the Philippines.

Dedicated Manager

You'll have a dedicated manager you craft the best FAQ's of your business.

Customized Plans

For large websites that need more than 200 leads per month.

Bounce Rate Reduction

Your bounce rate reduces due to the availability that the web visitor has to get an answer from chat.

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