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We are living in a golden age of technology and the capabilities of marketing automation software is proof of that; redundancies have been eliminated and companies are thriving with these intuitive tools.

Marketing automation is defined as technology that manages marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically; sounds pretty amazing right? Marketing automation has redefined what organizations or individuals call marketing, the ability to automate time consuming tasks has allowed for a reduction in human error and an increase in productivity and ingenuity. Tools have been created to simplify the work on the side of the organization while concurrently satisfying the needs of the consumer in a timely manner. 


Three Different Types of Marketing Automation


  1. Communication Automation

    Communication automation (aka CRM: customer relationship management) refers to the various softwares that allow organizations to streamline their workflows, automate responses and creates an ‘action and reaction’ effect without human intervention, all while improving their client lifecycle and driving sales. For example, when you subscribe to a new website or blog, the email confirmation you receive after you’ve submitted your information is an automated response, this is the ‘action and reaction’ effect at play. Another example of this type of automation is the live chat bots that are now very common on most websites. These bots don’t wait for a customer to initiate a conversation, instead they take the lead providing online clients support similar to what they would receive in person. 

  2. Analytics

    Analytics play an important part in marketing; they provide insight, reveal patterns, and generate data organizations can use to better their relationships with their clients, or improve upon their web services and user experience. While this process does require some human intervention, the data retrieval which is the most tedious and complicated side of things is all automated. Where does the human side come in? Well the data is collected and organized but it still requires a human eye to analyze the data and provide solutions to the problems or weak points discovered. An example of this would be the data provided through a website’s analytics. An organization may be able to see the pages visitors frequent, pages that are ignored and where visitors spend the most time, but a human is required to further analyze that data and draw conclusions from it. Those conclusions can lead to website alterations, copy changes, and more to improve a users experience. 

  3. Social Marketing Automation

    The final type of automation we’ll discuss today is social marketing automation. Tools and softwares that focus on the social side of automation allow users to sign into all of their social media accounts on one platform, providing a dashboard for clients to work from, and they offer automated scheduling for posts and they also provide automated content suggestions. How is this beneficial? Say your marketing team is launching a new product and in an effort to build interest your team creates a week long campaign with individual posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social Marketing Automation would allow you to upload all of your posts ahead of time and you’d have your entire campaign set. Not only would this allow your team time to ensure their work is perfectly curated, but it also allows your team the freedom to build on the newly formed momentum. Automation allows for consistent forward thinking and movement, eliminating stagnation and complacency. 


If we are to use the three types of automation I have detailed above, there are countless tasks that organizations can eliminate from their marketing teams daily to do list. Campaigns, email responses, lead tracking and nurturing, onboarding and much more can be automated. At Marketop, we have an understanding for all types of automation and have tailored our services to incorporate each to change the way you market and how your customers see you— but more on that later! With our newfound knowledge of marketing automation, we’re going to take a look at some tools utilized across the marketing world today.


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Marketing Automation Tools That Stand Out


  1. Hubspot: Hubspot does many things, but we are going to focus on the social marketing automation side of their organization. Hubspot provides the dashboard we discussed before. The goal of Hubspot is to make an organization’s day to day easier, and while it can deliver, it can take some time to get there. Using Hubspot requires education, a lot of effort, and time! Time is a precious entity in the business world and a tool akin to Hubspot requires you commit additional time to truly see the benefit. Their organization is not shy about this fact either— they provide classes, training, and a detailed onboarding. They are selling a methodology along with their product and if you are willing to put in the time and effort it could work out wonderfully, but if you aren’t it could weigh your organization down.
  2. Mailchimp: Mailchimp is a well known marketing tool. They created a tool that not only takes away a great deal of grunt work for the individual, but they also made themselves a household name with their simplicity. Their tool is self explanatory and provides a great benefit to any organization that chooses to utilize it. Currently they are in the process of growing their business into a full marketing automation solution, but only time will tell how that works out. A tool like Mailchimp, while extremely useful may not be the best for your organization. It’s singular skillset may be wonderful for a smaller organization that is just growing their brand but for an organization that is large and tool with multiple functions is more likely the better choice.
  3. Referral Rock: Referral Rock offers a service not often mentioned when discussing marketing automation. Referral programs are an amazing way to build your client list and the automation of it streamlines the process and increases the likelihood that someone will follow through. What exactly is a referral program? When you sign up for service and you receive an email that says, “Share this link with 5 friends and for every new one that signs up you get a month free!” that is a referral program! It is a genius method because it offers a simple way for the user to complete the task and incentivizes them with a reward they actually need.


Marketing automation is used far and wide in today’s business world as evidenced above. These tools help save clients money, build their brand, streamline their processes and provide more to clients than ever before. At Marketop, we’ve found a way to take marketing automation to another level. With our AI and machine learning platform not only are your basic communications streamlined but we are able to provide you with information unique to your site and your clients, information that can directly affect your marketing strategies and your revenue. We’ve discussed multiple marking automation platforms and their amazing capabilities, but they are all lacking in one area, an area where Marketop excels and that is the data! Our data and our ability to capture the information of all those that visit your site provides our automation technique with benefits that are unmatched. Automation makes these tools sound easy to use, but they all require a certain amount of effort, at Marketop we make sure the effort doesn’t go unnoticed and we make sure to provide you information that will minimize your workload and bolster the effectiveness of the work you do day to day!


I’m sure this all sounds wonderful, but you’re probably wondering about some proof! Below I will give you three examples of extremely successful organizations that utilize different styles of marketing automation.


marketing automation

Sounds Great, but Do the Cool Kids Use It?!


Yes, they do! Here are a few that stand out!


  1. Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed is known for their great newsletters! When you sign up for the site they ask you what you are interested in and that is how they create their profile of you and that is what is used to send you those emails. Those recipes and workouts you adore aren’t sent to everyone, some people get countless quizzes and celeb gossip. Their use of automation is shown during your intake, and every time they send you and email! 
  2. Netflix: You don’t think those emails and app notifications about shows you like and new releases are sent out from your personal Netflix ferry do you? Nope! Those are automated emails sent to you based off of what you’ve viewed and what you’ve liked! That’s why you shouldn’t let people mess with your watchlist! 
  3. Apartment Therapy: Similar to Buzzfeed, Apartment Therapy is known for their emails! Here is how they shake things up a bit though, they use their emails to share course offerings, and to promote brand partnerships and giveaways. Their focus in lifestyle and interior design and their audience is there because of the niche findings they offer that provides them with a great starting point for their email campaigns, and their marketing automation simplifies the process.


You’ve Sold Me—Sign Me Up!


At Marketop we understand marketing, marketing automation, consumer needs, and our client needs. Our knowledge paired with our unrivaled technology places us at the forefront of the new age of marketing. Read up on our use of data here to understand just how much our services can change the way you market for the better.


We’ve got the data, the tools, the knowledge, and the team you’ve been looking for; reach out to elevate your organization!