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The age of information is now and data is at our fingertips; so how exactly are we using it?

Data marketing is the use of customer information to bolster brand communications and strength marketing techniques. Data is accumulated and sorted to provide customer data that can predict behavior, notice trends and patterns, and provide organizations with a deeper understanding for their client base; the current use of this marketing technique has shown increased revenue and an uptick in the value of ads. The beauty of data marketing is the versatility it allows, below you’ll see just how these data points can provide organizations with unique information making way for unique content. 


Organizations Using Data Marketing To Stand Out


  • okcupid data marketingOkCupid: OkCupid is one of the largest dating sites in the world, and since their inception they have maintained popularity, a clear brand voice, and an amazing customer/brand relationship. How did they do it? They are the first to admit that they have used the data they have acquired over the years to their benefit, but they use it to the benefit for their clients as well. The OkCupid blog attracts a lot of attention and is noted as a huge added benefit by users. On their blog they use data collected through user patterns and behavior to aid users in creating the perfect profile. This content works well for them in a few ways:; not only are they seen as a company that cares for the clients and for their success, but they become a source of relevant information for all people using online dating sites. A data set they found showed that people who took pictures with the flash on appeared 7 years older than they actually were. They used that information to create a blog post that taught users how to take and post the perfect picture for their profiles to attract the most attention. That data could seem random and superfluous to most, but because of their understanding of their clients and their knowledge of their wants and needs they were able to parlay this seemingly random information into content that set them apart from the pack. Their current clients are satisfied, and people who stumbled upon the article might be persuaded to join their ranks because of the expertise they displayed. 


  • Bud Light: Two years ago, in 2018, we all heard “Dilly, Dilly!” on our television screens and I’m sure we all had the same reaction. “Huh?” It made zero sense! Soon enough though, we heard it everywhere. People in bars across America were shouting these silly words to their friends. My father, to this day, still says it in jest. So where did it come from, and was it’s success just a stroke of luck? You guessed it! They coined the term and the campaign around it using data marketing. Bud Light asked themselves a simple question. What does our target audience do on their down time? What they found was that millions of individuals were spending their time watching Game of Thrones. They then posed themselves another question— how can we use this knowledge to show that our beer is the superior beer. Data paired with creativity birthed a campaign that swept the nation. A king is hosting an event, what should I bring? It’s relatable, we’ve all spent time deciding what to bring to the party; so Bud Light found a way to answer the question for you. Another perfect example of how data that is collected can alter how we connect with our clients. In this case the data allowed Bud Light to get in on a joke with millions of individuals; suddenly everyone felt understood and seen, and Bud Light became the bell of the ball. 


  • Beats by Dre: Before they were sold to Apple for three billion dollars, Beats by Dre had become the headphones to buy. Their name was synonymous with success and determination. How did they get there? You guessed it, through data driven marketing! Created by one of the world’s greatest producers these headphones were phenomenal and created a sound that was unmatched, other brands couldn’t compare to the performance value of these headphones, but those other brands had recognition that Beats by Dre was lacking. To stand out and create a name for themselves they conducted research into the listening habits of varying individuals and what they found among athletes stood out. The data they collected showed how athletes used music to focus before a game and to build confidence, and at times of hardship to push through. Again, we will see the value of data paired with creativity; surely they didn’t want to sell only to athletes, it wouldn’t make sense, so instead of focusing on the profession they focused on the emotion, something everyone could understand, they focused on passion. The images were everywhere: Lebron James on the bench with his Beats by Dre on before dominating on the court, Tom Brady wearing Beats by Dre in a Super Bowl commercial before his team took to the field, Lady Gaga practicing her stage routine in her headset, painters donning the headphone to create masterpieces. These commercials spoke of determination, of focus and success. They made Beat by Dre the headphones of serious individuals; individuals who needed to hear the best music to do their best. 


  • Spotify: Spotify is no stranger to the utilization of data in marketing, they use data to acquire new users and to solidify their value to already existing users. At the end of 2017 Spotify was looking over their years data as they had done the previous year to provide users with a “Wrap Up” of their year, but in reviewing the data they noticed a trend. They realized that their users’ listening pattern changed depending on what was on the news cycle that day. The year had been a heavy one and the trends were sullen, so instead of rehashing those emotions they used their data to predict the trends of users instead of reflecting on their pasts. It was a brilliant move, one that was possible only through the use of data. They realized a trend in their users as a whole, then they focused on each user as an individual and provided everyone with humorously written and well designed predictions for their next years listening patterns. This is another great example of data allowing users to feel seen and heard; users shared their personalized predictions across their social media platforms furthering the campaign Spotify created— they used data to see their users as individuals, they used that data to create unique content, and their content spread through active and passive means! 


spotify data marketing


Data marketing isn’t solely about the collection of data; to truly succeed using data marketing your organization needs to understand the value behind the data and your brand’s mission. Client acquisition is on every organization’s list but you need to take things a step further, that requires using your data to see the individuals you are trying to reach and step away from methods of grouping. At Marketop we are able to collect data to create profiles for individuals seeking services in your field, this allows you to look at each person autonomously and glean insight from each individual before creating your marketing campaign. With Marketop, your campaigns can rival those of Spotify and OkCupid, placing you ahead of all competitors in your area. 


Marketop Gets the Data, You Gain Understanding 


 At Marketop, our AI platform and machine learning technology scours the internet, hitting billions of data points to create profiles for individuals in your area seeking your services. If your goal is to gain more clients, we place you at an advantage point to do so, you are equipped with knowledge on the individuals you are seeking that can allow you to communicate with them in a way they not only understand, but enjoy. Our data gives you access to these individuals wants and needs, you’re able to answer questions before they even think to ask, you make it so that working with you isn’t just an option they have, it’s the obvious choice. 


Our services don’t only benefit those who are looking to grow their audiences, this data can provide insight to how your clients or users are navigating your services or your website. Data is available on your web pages, but it is hard to decipher and would take countless hours if done by a human, hours no organization is willing to sacrifice. Our technology streamlines that process, showing you what is working and what may need improvement to ensure you retain all the current users and clients you have. 


Think of Marketop as the bridge spanning the gap between you and each person you wish to interact with; we offer you a path to your clients and conversely your clients are able to express their needs to you seamlessly. Whether your company has thirteen clients or thirteen million, the value in understanding them is there, it saves you time and money on campaigns and ads that won’t resonate and allows for your marketing team with insights that provide leeway for creative breakthroughs. Organizations are beginning to understand how valuable this data can be, but many lack in their methods of compilation, and that is where Marketop thrives. 



The Industry is Rapidly Moving Forward


It is clear how data can change everything for organizations across industries and people are taking advantage of these new opportunities. The industry is charging full steam ahead, and our organization, Marketop, is proud to be a trailblazer succeeding in this renaissance. 


We are setting a precedent for data marketing agencies, we are focused on the success of our clients and that success is measured not only by our growing client list, but by that of our clients. Through the success of our clients we recognize exactly what we are doing correctly, and through the shortcomings of our competitors we learn what pitfalls to avoid. Our team is dedicated to provide information that is current, accurate and beneficial. 


The age of information is now and the data is at our fingertips—join the ranks at Marketop and become trailblazers as well.