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Having trouble with consistent and reliable client acquisition as an Attorney? You’re not alone. Over the past few years leads for lawyers have become more and more difficult to generate due to shifts in consumer behavior, over saturation in the market, and of course the inevitable spike in cost across traditional marketing tactics. 


The question now becomes, how do we as law firms, understand our ideal consumer behavior online, stay competitive in an over saturated market, and stay within a reasonable cost of acquisition?


The answer: Marketop – Data Marketing for Lead Generation fueled by AI and Machine Learning. 


ai and machine learningUsing Ai and Machine Learning to predict Consumer Behavior:

Lead generation in a digital first world requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior on the digital landscape (i.e. Google & Facebook), being able to capture that data and using it to continually optimizatize (Machine Learning); What does the consumer do first when searching for an attorney online, what keywords are they using, what are they clicking on, who are they most likely to call first or which Ad will they click on… Etc. and how do we capture the data?


Through our own proprietary Ai and Machine learning software we study 15 billion data points across the digital landscape that monitor human behavior of over 275 million Americans. We then use our data technology to segment individuals that are actively searching for an Attorney in the specified city or state online. We now have access to a list of these individuals, Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address. This is just the first layer. 


Staying Competitive in an over saturated market

The key is exclusivity, delivery, and automation. offers exclusivity to your city or state for your specific practice area giving you a leg up on your competitors. And now that we have access to the *data around individuals that have shown activity online searching for an attorney in your practice area and city or state, it’s time to put your law firm in front of them through advertisements. Think of it as advertising to only the 3% of actual buyers in your area rather than wasting money on the other 97% of individuals that aren’t in the market to buy. 


We now have data around individuals that are ready to retain an attorney and we have your law firms custom ads delivered in front of them to generate inquiries, what happens now?


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The legal industry is very competitive and consumers have become smarter, which is why speed to contact and the right messaging are powerful tactics for your intake process. Instead of spending money on building out an intake team for the firm,  Marketop provides an automation tool in the form of emails, VM drops, and text messages that are sent instantly upon an individual clicking on your ad and filling out a form and continues to follow up when there is no initial response. This automation feature has statistically shown an increase in response rate and keeps your firm top of mind to potential clients over other firms.


Optimizing your conversions and ROI

At the end of the day, a business is a business whether you’re a law firm or a bank and optimizing your ROI on your lead generation tactics is gold. Which is why not only focuses on saving your advertising costs through our Ai and Machine Learning platform and recruiting costs with our automation tools, but we also work to optimize your conversions on the highly qualified leads that are generated. This optimization occurs automatically through Machine Learning as our software learns month over month behaviors of consumers that make sense for your firm, through speed to contact with our automation features, and our team of account managers that work with you to develop an intake and follow up process that ensures the highest levels of conversion. 


Contact a lead generation expert at Marketop today to start optimizing your sales!


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