Identity Resolution Machine Learning Lead Generation Our artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques allow us to capture massive amounts of data so that we can understand where your advertising needs to be targeted. For Real Estate Companies

Data Marketing

for Real Estate Companies

An exclusive data marketing campaign, that only targets users currently looking for a property.

Our solution is simple, to show your Marketing Ad, ONLY to the people actively searching for a property.

We are subjected to over 5,000 ads on a daily basis and no one can recall a single one from 24 hours ago. Cut through the clutter and advertise to just the people that are already searching.

I’ve worked with John for many years and he played a key role in AHRN’s growth. His knowledge and expertise in real estate marketing goes unmatched. I’m excited about the next phase of our relationship as partners with Marketop and look forward to using their Machine Learning capabilities to learn more about our customer’s behaviors online to better serve them.

SVP & General Manager at AHRN

Adolfo Velasquez

Imagine knowing by name and email every buyer and seller in your city.

Through Machine Learning we run predictive behavior triggers against our database that provides us with weekly data files of people demonstrating these behaviors looking for a real estate agent to sell or buy a property. We’re able to pin-point specific individuals ready to hire an agent.

How does this data translate into closed deals? Simply put, with our data marketing you would target only people that have shown interest looking to hire an agent, instead of targeting everyone in your city which means more wasted advertising budget.

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How we work

It’s all about the targeting!


Gathering data

We run machine learning code against our proprietary database, with specific models to find your perfect audience.



By generating a unique targeting list we use it as FaceBook Ads and Google Ads Audiences. Some clients also do other marketing efforts with this list.



We take care of the campaigns ad creative, copy and landing page. After a lead converts, it is sent to your system automatically.



We generate 3 to 10 leads per day. For those leads that you can’t get on the phone, our Conversion Ops. team will help.

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The days of visitors accessing the web from one home or work computer with a consistent IP are gone. The average person accesses the web on multiple devices throughout the day. Simplistic cookies and third-party data collection are not able to piece together the identity of a potential customer across these devices.

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We Are Usually Asked About

What kind of information do I get ?

You’ll get a CSV file and hash data, which a 32 character line and encryption, that hash line represents the data of the user. You can decrypt that hash data into; name – email – phone – address.

So how do you collect this data ?

By using deterministic data, we’re able to track real people. We know who they are. Once we know who they are, cookies no longer matter. A custom audience can be created from this data on every major ad platform at any time.

What kind of results are you delivering ?

Depends of your legal practice area and target city. For an Immigration Lawyer in New York City, we’re getting 5 leads a day, at $10 to $15 per lead. For an Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver, we’re getting 5 leads a week, $15 to $20 per lead.

What do you mean by; I will own the data ?

So you’ve heard about cookies right? When you visit a website or a product then you start seeing that product or companies ads everywhere you go online, that is a cookie targeting you. That cookie expires in 30 days.  But now you will own that cookie data of that person and target them whenever and however you’d like.

So what's included in your service ?

Option A;   We give you the data file and you pass it to your in house marketing team, and are already experts in Paid Ads Platforms.

Option B;   We cover everything; the data file, the landing page, the Ad designs, the conversions, the Ad copy and the Ad budget.

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