Identity Resolution Our artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques allow us to make sense of massive amounts of data so that we can understand where your advertising needs to be targeted. Machine Learning Lead Generation For HVAC Contractors

Identifying User Based Behavior

The number of people who are actively looking for a hvac contractor will be small compared to the amount of people online and trying to tell everyone about the service you provide, no matter how good it is, will be a waste of your time and effort. When it comes to advertising your HVAC Contracting company you want to target the people who you know are already looking for a mortgage.

At MarkeTop we are experts in online behavior and we can share this knowledge with you. When a person types ‘hvac contractor’ into a Google search the keywords are recorded, when they click to read a blog about mortgages their visit to that site is recorded and anything else that they do while surfing the web is all ready and waiting for us to analyze.

How can we know who will be interested in a HVAC Contractor Company?

Are you using the data your website could give you ?

When you use our Pixel on your website, you can analyze your traffic and match back the identity of your visitors. You’ll also learn their behaviors pre- and post-click, and use that data and AI to create your custom targeting algorithm. This will give YOU the edge to dominate your market in less time.

During the customer journey, many personal data can be associated with one person; email addresses, phone numbers, and an ever-changing array of cookie data, to name a few. These identifiers are tagged with a customer’s existing data, inside the identity graph.

The Big Four
Emails per Visitor
Million Websites Tracked

What do we do with the data?

Online Activity

Once we have analyzed the online habits of people who are looking for a hvac contractor, we can create a targeted advertising campaign for you. Our process allows us to build lists of users who have shown an interest in mortgages, mortgage lending or any other keywords associated with your business.

Marketing Channels

We can then build a marketing campaign for you that focuses on Google and Facebook Ads as we know these are effective tools in getting your business in front of large numbers of people. The difference that the MarkeTop solution brings is that the people seeing your advert will be interested in what it has to say, and this leads to much better conversion rates.
You’ll have exclusive access to hvac leads from your city or entire state.



Our service is able to pinpoint and identify specific individuals. Their online activity highlights them as a potential client, whether it is through a simple google search, the reading of a blog article or the visiting of a hvac website.



This includes the ability to draw up a list of the emails addresses of potential clients. Email addresses represent a known customer and it means we can show you a tangible link between you and someone who is in need of your services!



By promoting you directly to people that already have an existing interest in a hvac contractor we are simply opening the door between their search and your services. They are already looking for you so we are helping them find their way.

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The days of visitors accessing the web from one home or work computer with a consistent IP are gone. The average person accesses the web on multiple devices throughout the day. Simplistic cookies and third-party data collection are not able to piece together the identity of a potential customer across these devices.

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We Are Usually Asked About

So how do you collect this data ?

By using deterministic data, we’re able to track real people. We know who they are. Once we know who they are, cookies no longer matter. A custom audience can be created from this data on every major ad platform at any time.

What do you mean by; I will own the data ?

So you’ve heard about cookies right? When you visit a website or a product then you start seeing that product or companies ads everywhere you go online, that is a cookie targeting you. That cookie expires in 30 days.  But now you will own that cookie data of that person and target them whenever and however you’d like.

What kind of information do I get ?

You’ll get a CSV file and hash data, which a 32 character line and encryption, that hash line represents the data of the user. You can decrypt that hash data into; name – email – phone – address.

Does this comply with the GDPR policy ?

This only works in US territory, so we don’t even track EU data.

What is the result of this advantage ?

With cookie-based targeting, your campaigns must take place within a specific time window — the length of time before a cookie expires and your prospect essentially vanishes. This forces you into a sales cycle dictated not by what makes the most sense from a marketing standpoint, but by what is required by a cookie.

What will you gain from this advantage ?

The ability to market to your prospects anytime, anywhere, according to your schedule, not an ad platform’s schedule.

What is the difference of your service over the company I'm currently using ?

Even agencies that are really good at targeting can’t get the results we can. The reason? No advertising platform, not even Facebook, offers the ability to specifically target select individuals based such granular behaviors as we can when we use our tactics.

What kind of results are you delivering ?

Depends of your legal practice area and target city. For an Immigration Lawyer in New York City, we’re getting 5 leads a day, at $10 to $15 per lead. For an Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver, we’re getting 5 leads a week, $15 to $20 per lead.

So what's included in your service ?

Option A;   We give you the data file and you pass it to your in house marketing team, and are already experts in Paid Ads Platforms.

Option B;   We cover everything; the data file, the landing page, the Ad designs, the conversions, the Ad copy and the Ad budget.

What is the time frame here ?

Once you sign-up and payment is made, between 7 to 10 days, we will get the First Hash File, by then the Ad designs, and Landing Page are ready to go and we get the campaign started.

Do you have a contract ?


3 month contract.

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