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There is a ton of data and statistics surrounding online marketing that is surprising, even to the experts who deal with this type of marketing every day. Advertising on the web is predicted to become more popular than advertising on television by the year 2020 (Marketing Land) and content and social marketing are also on the rise.

Here are just a few statistics that might convince you to invest in online marketing:

Why do I need…

A website?

Even a basic website detailing what you do and where your customers can find you is better than no website at all. 86% of searches online lead to a phone call or store visit and 20% of Google searches are for local information, so you’d be missing out for not having your own company website.

To optimize my site for mobile devices?

First off, more searches on Google are from a mobile device than they are from computers (Google) so if you don’t have a website that optimizes for mobile, you’ll be losing a large percentage of your potential customer base.

But having a site that simply shows on mobile isn’t all you need. A great-optimized mobile site will stop 40% of your customers from going to a competitor (The Google Mobile Playbook), and customers are six times more likely to purchase from you if your site looks good on a mobile device (Google/Neilsen).

50% of sales are also lost due to poorly placed content for mobile, and optimizing your website tells your potential customers that you care about your business.

To create content / a blog?

Having a website is one thing, but creating exciting, informative content that converts visitors to a customer is another vital step in the online marketing process. Just under half of marketers publish content either 3-4 times a week or more (The Content Marketing Institute) – but the most amazing statistic is that businesses who have an active blog receive a whopping 97% increase in leads!

Content marketing also costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and it is thought that almost three-quarters of customers prefer receiving information through content, rather than ads.

Social media accounts?

With each passing minute, 347,000 tweets are published and over 500,000 Facebook comments are posted on social media. Social is huge, and many businesses find them to be a useful resource for both gaining customers, and building brand awareness.

A rather impressive 70% of customers say they would be more likely to use a local business if they had a social account – that’s a potential of 70% more customers for your business!

We believe in getting the very best out of our clients to provide excellent service and marketing solutions that will help you to gain loyal customers and improvement in ranking in search results.

A long time ago, people thought statistics and data were some bag of tricks.

Mark Twain himself once said, “Lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

But when you are looking to improve your brand’s presence on the web, numbers can be your best friend.

There are a number of important concepts you should consider. Having a website with a keen design is no more effective in driving traffic as having a website without data analysis services.

What is data analysis?

Data analysis involves the systematic implementation of key marketing tactics and tools that will increase your website’s targeted traffic and thereby help your sales momentum and ROI (return on investment).

It’s also not enough to use data analysis to analyze the effect of your website alone. All of the components of your website are important, including social media, your sales or landing page, and backlinks.

If you are an online business, you have to stop looking at your website as something that stands in isolation. The “if I build it, they will come” from “Field of Dreams,” only works in a fantasy world. In the real world, you must form a holistic, integrated approach into the working of your website that includes all of the factors connected to

Data analysis, at the most basic level, would include using tools similar to what you find in Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free service developed by Google to aid web owners in analyzing the activity on their page and includes demographics analysis such as age, income levels, and interests of your viewers, as well as behaviors of your average visitor, the time of day they happened onto your page, where they came from, and how long they stayed.

Statistics on Data-Driven Marketing: Numbers Matter

The statistics on data-driven marketing show the importance of focusing on data in your web design and marketing plan. Some of the most impressive statistics reported by the Consumer Intelligence Group are shown below:

-53% of marketers online say that they have chosen a data-driven marketing approach due to the fact that it is more consumer-centric in origin.

-69% of marketers expect to have to step up their marketing analysis in order to keep up with the trends in the near future to stay afloat.

-Leaders in data-driven marketing report that they are more than six times more likely to experience gains in their bottom line (new revenue) due to their emphasis on data.

-Despite the obvious need for data-driven analysis, only about 50% of online marketers report using data on a regular basis to fuel their online website and brand’s success.

Why is Data So Important?

Steve Jobs, founder and former CEO of Apple, once said it like this: “I never created a product and then hoped people would buy it. I found out what they wanted and then created it.”

This ingenious insight on behalf of the now-deceased Apple founder is something that should give us all pause as online business owners. We need to know what the customer wants before we create it. This purposeful creation of delivering on-demand products based on consumer need is at the heart of good business.

And this starts with data-driven marketing and analysis.

digital analyticsIf I Had a Crystal Ball…

How else are you going to find out what a customer is thinking? How else will you know what it takes to hit on their pain points? How do you know what motivates your customers to come to your site in the first place, much less come back again?

You may not know this now. But, as a business owner, you MUST know it.

That’s why you need a professional marketing firm like MarkeTop to focus on the data for you. You don’t have time among the various business tasks that you have to complete each day, to focus on data. But that’s where we come in.

Using a specific and systematic approach that is integrated into your marketing plan, we map out a strategy that will work everything out because it is based on years of relevant research, statistics, and marketing fortitude.

The information we provide is getting down the most intricate level of web analysis and helps the online business owner to have a glimpse of what is really happening on their page.

Now, you could try doing this yourself. Using the free tools such as Google Analytics and others, you could perhaps gain some limited insight into what it takes to motivate and change your customers’ behavior. And perhaps, in a few years or so, you could start to see results.

But What if You Don’t Have a Few Years to Wait?

But if you really want to see results fast, you need the help of a seasoned expert data-driven marketing company. You need to know that the professionals you hire are experts in analyzing traffic and applying the skills needed to show cross-platform data, as well as numerous other statistics and aspects of the activity on your page.

So one of the most important questions to ask your web design company is how important it is to them to perform data analysis on all of the important parts of your business. is a data-driven marketing company that takes this process seriously by focusing in on these various components that together form an entire marketing plan that keeps your customers coming back. Marketing is a complicated process. So is data-analysis. But our professionals understand this and they work hard to give your website the shot in the arm it needs to get noticed in all the right places.

Through a systematic strategy to the important components of your website: social media, backlinks, video marketing, and more, they can reach your target audience in a big way-through the power of data analysis.

Because numbers just don’t lie.

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