In one month the world became something unfamiliar to us all, and things are constantly changing; so your ads, your posts and how you speak to your clients needs to change as well.


Every person around the world has been affected by COVID19 and every organization has a question they should be asking themselves and that is, “how do we want to be remembered when this is over?” Though the answer will be uniquely individual for each organization, there is a common theme they should all possess: awareness. Awareness leads to understanding and understanding is what leads to solutions; those solutions will not only give your clients confidence in your organizations abilities, but a sense of certainty in very uncertain times. 


How Do We Want To Be Remembered When This is Over?


There is no easy answer here, but there are a few things your team can do to ensure your next steps are the right ones. 



  • Get educated. 
  • Be flexible.
  • Be consistent.



It is paramount that your team be on the same page before any decisions are made. Something as simple as an instagram post could alter the perception of your organization and rightfully lead clients to reconsider your working relationship. Right now everyone is paying attention, and things are happening quickly. Being prepared is your team’s best chance at making the right move.


Getting Your Team Ready


Knowledge is power. Your team needs to take time to truly understand the pandemic and its effects on a macro and micro level. Understanding the effect on the individual level will give your team the ability, when speaking to clients or crafting ads, to converse authentically and make informed decisions. 


Disappointment is going to be inevitable, so be prepared to convert those feelings into something useful. We know that executing a successful marketing campaign takes time, effort and a lot of dedication and we are also aware that right now many of those well thought out campaigns are going to be put on hold right now. Having a team that can anticipate those changes while crafting solutions is going to be your organization’s greatest strength. 


As we have all seen, things are changing and they are changing fast. Your most important job throughout all of this is to be consistent; your first step is going to pave the path for your organization moving forward, so take the time to ensure it’s the right move. How you are remembered is dependent on everything you do now!


Perhaps your team is considering going about business as usual. The appeal is clear, the work has already been completed, your clients have expectations, and you want to appear unshaken. Here is why you should think twice before taking that step. In the first week of shelter in place in the Seattle area, Nielsen saw a 22% increase in total TV usage, and those numbers will undoubtedly grow. Imagine your organization went ahead with previously made plans and that ad didn’t land the way they had imagined. Not only has your organization made an error that paints them in a bad light, but more people than they previously imagined have now seen it. 


You can’t put Pandora back in the box. Sure apologies can be issued and changes can be made, but that mistake will not be forgotten. That is what people will remember, even if your organization goes on to do wonderful things, that mistake will precede that mention of everything moving forward. 


Take time with your team to plan your next moves. Think about what brands and organizations you are reading about and how their efforts make you feel. Right now, above all else, we all need to lean into our humanity and lead with compassion. If that means a complete revamping of your ads the way did, so be it. 


Choose to be remembered as an ally, a helper, and an organization who cares. If not, you face becoming just a distant memory.