Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate worldwide, and your job is to make sure your social media ads revolutionize the way clients see you. 


To create ads that not only get your message across, but also include a call to action and are unique and eye-catching will be time consuming and require your marketing and sales teams to approach things differently. 


Your ads need to solve for a clients wants and needs, this is where your sales team will be essential; your ads will also need to look good, they don’t have to be the busiest or contain moving graphics, but they have to be appealing to they eye and recognizable, your marketing team can handle all of this!


Together your ads will show that not only do you know the client, but you suit them.


Set goalssocial media advertising tips

In the initial stages your team needs to create a roadmap that details what success would look like to them.


These roadmaps aren’t universal and require your team to really reflect on the goals of their ad campaign and set realistic benchmarks for themselves.


If the goal of a campaign is to acquire 100 new social media followers, set a deadline, and daily or weekly benchmarks to make sure your ads are doing what they are supposed to.


This roadmap will let you know when things aren’t working and can help you better understand the trends of your clients and how those trends affect your ads.


When you set goals, you provide a structure to your advertising methods and that structure and that order will be evident to your client and is what will set you apart from your competitors.


Get creative with these social media advertising tips

The whole point of social media ads is to get the attention of new and existing clients, this goal is the same at every organization, with every method of advertising but there is a slight difference required in social media marketing.


Imagine your ad is seen by a new client and they love everything about it, so they click through to go to your instagram page, perfect right?


It would be, except your instagram page and ads were curated through various sources and they don’t align in anyway.


There is a technique, “mood boarding”, that can add structure to the creative side of things and aids in the creation of a cohesive vision. Mood boarding involves pulling inspiration from varying sources and compiling them to develop a palette from which you can  create.


If you have a set tone, color scheme, and general vibe for your page, marketers will be able to use this “tool box” to develop ads that vary but fit together perfectly.


Add value

social media advertising tipsYour ads on social media give you an opportunity to be remembered.


While some may choose to simply advertise themselves and their services, others have learned that providing value to your client increases your chances of being remembered and of clients reaching out.


When you create an ad, doing something as simple as teaching your target something simple in that ad can change everything.


Say you are advertising your services as an accountant during tax season. An ad that simply states your services and fees, no matter how beautiful it may look, doesn’t really catch anyone’s attention, it looks just like countless other ads they’ve seen.


If that same ad included information on an unknown tax break that people often overlook, that ad could be screenshot and sent to friends and family, it could be added to saved photos for future reference, or it could lead to that potential client reaching out right away, curious about what else you can teach them.


Providing your clients with something of value and asking for nothing in return not only shows your organization as benevolent, but it also gives you an air of familiarity and that bond, that familiarity is what makes clients come back time and time again. 


Use the right tools

The analytical side of social media advertising is just as important as the creative side.


Every social media platform has tools built in to help determine the quality of your ads. These tools provide information that can aid in when you are posting, where you are posting, and how well received your posts are.


To fully comprehend these tools requires a bit of education. It would be in your teams, both sales and marketing, best interest to devote some time to learning the in’s and outs of these tools.


Your ads will only get better if everyone involved understands how they work, who is viewing them, and how much you are spending on them.


Target audiences

You might be tired of hearing this, but the most important thing you can take away from this (and everything else we discuss) is that KNOWING YOUR CLIENT IS EVERYTHING!


social media target audiences


Truly understanding who you are searching for, what they want and need, and having answers ready to provide to them is the key to your ads and companies success.


This means knowing precisely who you want to see certain ads, when they see it, and on what platform.


This part is tricky and can be time consuming but when you work with us at Marketop we get you that information so that you can focus on everything else!


Stay consistent

To become the organization that clients trust and seek out, you must be present.


Remember the roadmap we discussed earlier?


That roadmap can help here too. If you are able to organize your thoughts, and set specific dates and times for ads to be launched, you’ll be able to stay relevant and consistent.


If your team is creating ads on the fly and working day to day, your clients will feel that disconnect and they will notice the lack of focus; those are not words you want clients to associate with your organization and in order to avoid that consistency is key.


That is not to say you have to post daily, quite the opposite actually. If you tell clients that on Monday’s an ad describing that week’s deals is to be released and they come to look forward to it and you follow through that is wonderful.


If after a month those ads come out later in the week or you skip weeks all together, clients aren’t going to stick around, they’ll find someone else who is reliable.


Consistency means setting a tone and sticking to it.


social media consistency


Social media has given advertisers a chance to try new things and showcase their talents.


These talented individuals are able to give your organization a distinctive voice and create content that will last in the minds of those who see them.


Social media ads generate interest with individuals who may not have ever encountered your business otherwise, people will be knocking on your door for more if you use these tips. You’ll gain more insight that you ever imagined and build a following you can advertise to consistently!


People will be hungry for your content, and you’ll have that content ready to satisfy those needs.


Are These Ads Really That Important?

Simply put, yes! We all use social media in some capacity and we are all shown ads, we know when an ad stands out, it’s what makes us click follow and why we buy things from brands we’ve never heard of before but trust.


Your ads are with people at home, at work, on their commutes, don’t take that access for granted and don’t allow these opportunities to slip away!


Now even if your ads are perfect, if they aren’t seen by the right people, if your target audience is too broad or too narrow, your ads won’t succeed.


Working with Marketop is how you avoid this pitfall; we collect information from billions of data points and that enables us to create in-depth profiles for individuals and those profiles contain all the information you need to launch a social media ad campaign that resonates with clients, builds you following and saves you money by mitigating some of the fiscal risk involved in marketing haphazardly.


You’ll quickly notice the difference in the legitimacy of your client inquiries and an increase in captures if you work with us. 


Social media influences all of us daily and we’d be remiss as marketers if we didn’t learn to navigate these waters to the best of our ability.


We are both consumers and sellers, social media offers us a peek into the methods of competitors, we gain insights based on what works and doesn’t work for us, and we are able to use all of this information in the planning and creation of our social media ads.


Your ads will stand out once you know the client and you meet them at their level. 


Use these tips and work with Marketop to see your ads improve, sales increase, and brand notoriety soar— what more could you want?