In the 21st century, marketing analytics, business intelligence, and data have become essential business processes for companies that wish to give their online presence a competitive edge. Business owners who only stick to Google Analytics and Facebook Insights are missing out on a world of actionable data that could genuinely put their enterprises on the map. Here are five tech firms that provide tools and services to business owners interested in riding the new wave of marketing analytics.


Beyond the Arc

While the primary focus of this California company is on providing advanced business intelligence solutions, its marketing analytics solutions are respected among gigantic corporations such as IBM, Wells Fargo and The New York Times. By locating in Berkeley, Beyond the Arc has the advantage of being able to recruit talented data scientists from the local UC campus.



While companies such as Beyond the Arc can boast about having powerhouse clients in their portfolio, Toby Scammell’s data firm Womply takes pride in providing marketing analytics solutions to small and micro companies across the United States. From trendy fashion boutiques to neighborhood barbecue restaurants, Womply’s clients can access a variety of tools that allow them to thrive regarding online marketing.


InData Labs

This Belarus company specializes in applying artificial intelligence and data science protocols to help companies market their products and services to the best of their abilities. A major client of InData Labs is a market leader in the AAA video game sector, a field where online marketing is crucial regarding guaranteeing the success of new titles.


CBIG Consulting

Based in Chicago with eight other offices in major metropolitan areas, CBIG Consulting is a market leader in the fields of marketing analytics and Big Data insights. This company is ideal for larger corporations that wish to implement in-house Big Data systems and networks to handle machine learning, marketing analytics, and competitive intelligence tasks.



This Canadian firm offers solutions to handle the most challenging datasets within the field of Big Data by leveraging technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, and Microsoft.NET.


It is important to note that the field of marketing analytics is very competitive and dynamic. The companies listed above have shown an ability to stay relevant by offering their clients the very latest regarding data insights and business intelligence, and they will likely continue to do so in the future.