SEO Services

SEO Services

From local, offsite SEO to onsite SEO, we go under your site's hood and comply with every crucial SEO requirement.

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

From Google search engine marketing (PPC) to Facebook's paid ads to Twitter's promoted ads, we've got you covered.

Content Writing

Content Writing

Content is king. Let's work together to provide a rich experience for your site's visitors.

LiveChat Services

LiveChat Services

LiveChat agents are always available to answer questions and convert your site's visitors into leads.


Initial Website Report

At the beginning of your campaign, we’ll show you a complete report on your website’s statistics and current search engine placement.

Google Analytics & Google WebMaster Tool

We gain access to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool in order to track your site’s past and current performance (traffic, conversions, best-converting content, most valuable keywords, and on-site errors like redirecting 404 pages and spammy backlinks).

Competitors Research

We’ll delve into what your competition is doing and see what they may be doing that you currently are not.

On-Page SEO

We start with the nitty-gritty - fixing title tags, header tags, meta descriptions, schema codes, and more. We will then implement a silo structure to your current content and fix your 404 error pages.

Content Creation

As we know, Google is all about relevancy and trust. Is what you are writing relevant? Can we trust your site as a thought-leader in the industry? We will create articles/blog entries with these two things in mind.

Social Media Posting/Signals

We will share these articles and blog entries on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. And if the client demands it, we'll boost the post to make it reach a larger audience.

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Directory Citations

We begin with a citation audit, where we may find incorrect and/or duplicate citations, and we fix it. Having NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency is crucial to rank on Google's search results. We’ll then create more niche-specific citations that are relevant to your business.

Creation of Backlinks

This is the most time-consuming part, where we'll reach out to websites, in your industry, so they can backlink to your site. In the first backlink cycle, we might have to disavow spammy or useless backlinks that could be harming your rankings. Then we will look at the volume/ratio of your backlinks and its anchor text.

Trust Signals

Before anything else, can Google trust you? We’ll look at your site’s domain expiration date, domain age, SSL certificate, and more.

Press Releases

Sending out a press release can greatly help when done correctly. The content of the press release has to be so engaging and appealing that a journalist could pick up your story and decide to publish it on his platform. Just imagine having a backlink to your site from the Huffington Post. That is powerful.

Web 2.0

Boost your social signals by having profiles on Tumblr, Imgur, Flickr, Wikia, Yelp, and more.


Positive reviews help, for obvious reasons. Yelp, Google+, and Facebook are important. There are others, but those are niche-specific, so we start with the basic ones.

Email Marketing

If the client wishes to provide us an email list, we’ll send out an email blast [newsletters, blog entries, etc.] to those contacts.

Tracking and Reporting

We track it all. Keywords, backlinks, citations, highest-converting content, and more. Everything.

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